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“Windows8” What does it mean to your Dealership?

09.22.11 | Comment?

Last week Microsoft showed off its new and highly-anticipated Windows 8 operating system, showing it can remain relevant as it competes with Google and Apple in the desktop and mobile space.

Windows is by far the dominant Operating System for auto retailers so why is the Windows8 interface, which is more in line with Windows Phone software,  important to your dealership?

Because we are entering into the post-PC era quickly, just when you thought you got a handle on your web site and internet leads, here comes Social Media marketing and harvesting of prospects as top of mind. People are becoming mobile with computing and communication as a whole.

Our vision inspired by Microsoft is a tablet that can be as fluid and user-friendly as the iPad but as capable as a Windows laptop. A tablet that can boot in under 10 seconds and fire up a full-scale version of your DMS a few moments later.

Sales agents and Service advisors can use the tablet or a smart phone as a digital up card or for menu selling.

Car buying experiences can be streamlined, capturing prospect information while also having the ability to show latest multi-media presentation from a tablet, equipped with a digital pen a sales agent could capture a signature to begin the sales process out on the lot. That very same tablet can be slipped into a dock instantly to become a fully capable touch-enabled laptop computer. This is Microsoft’s inspired vision with Windows 8.

The amount of buzz for Windows 8 is growing, especially as developers start to experiment. And as this piece points out, Microsoft is attempting to make a tablet that behaves like a tablet, with all the power of the PC – and it might just work.

Microsoft is showing us that there is a better way of processes. The days of the green screen are for the history books, Dealerships that find software houses with a vision will ultimately become more profitable by leveraging process enhancements to better the customer purchasing experience.

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