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Where is the ROI in Social Media for Automotive Dealers?

01.30.12 | Comment?

Let’s first establish what Social Media means to dealers. Social Media incorporates online technology and methods through which people and dealerships can share content, personal opinions, swap different perspectives, opinions and generally discuss you’re Dealership.

If a dealer is looking for a hard number on the ROI of Social Media they may never find it.

The challenge facing dealers is finding a software product that can manage the growing number of sites with the ability to manage discussions and campaigns for multiple brands over many roof-tops.

Let me introduce Social CRM – the business strategy of engaging customers through Social Media with a goal of building trust and brand loyalty. A new breed of software which enables a company, franchise or dealer group the ability to manage, monitor and measure Social Media and Reputation web sites. As well as organize personnel, task management, communication and reporting.

Dealer principals or their management team putting off establishing social media strategies will be detrimental for a number of reasons.

Data indicates each day more time is spent online and less time is being spent on traditional media. A strong presence online certainly means more coverage. Many dealers are moving their advertisement budget money to online methods of advertisement and social media.

Using email as a method of advertising is losing strength. Effective email usage is to move along a conversation not to strike up conversation. Junk email is almost as bad today as junk mail.

Trending today are reputation sites which empowers each person that touches your dealership with a voice. A voice, that could either influence many future sales for your dealership or a voice that could lambaste your sales agent that was rude or abstinent in his sale pitch.

Many social media sites are free and can give dealerships a sound platform to advertise, engage and correspond with its prospects and customer base. Dealers need to know that software can help them manage the enormous task of handling the growing number of sites.

Ignoring Social Media today will have the same impact on dealers that resisted launching their own web sites almost a decade ago if not more.

A new breed of software has evolved the Social CRM software. Look to these providers to guide your dealership with a solid Social Media initiative. When looking to hire a consultant or firm they should guide by providing a first step – define measurable Social CRM goals, then workout an action plan for achieving these goals, execute the plan and quantify the business benefits arising out it.

This forms the basis for calculating Social CRM ROI and remember, not Social Media ROI.

Eugene Gonzales
Social CRM Software Boarding Technician
DealerClickZ Software and Services

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