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Fish or Cut Bait?

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“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day,” is the first part of an ancient Chinese proverb that explains why the majority of salespeople are not doing so well in our industry. If you think about it, our industry is pretty young, a little over a hundred years old and since […]

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Only the Good Die Young

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Steve Job’s has not left the planet but he is waiting to become one with it very soon, this is how I think he would view his state of being this morning. He brought about improvements to the personnel computer never to be matched. The mouse, graphical interfaces, I remember walking into a computer store […]

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Dealer Click Joins Dealer Compass

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Dealer Click, DMS software application provider that is very popular with the independent dealers nationwide announced today the joining of Dealer Compass. Kevin Mitchell founder and CEO of Dealer Click is excited about the various opportunities that are present by joining Dealer Compass. Dealer Click brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with Buy Here […]

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Misdirection – Deflecting the real issues.

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Zig Ziglar puts it best when he asked, “Are you a wandering generality or a meaningful specific?” The issue has always been sales or the lack there of, so regardless of the product the primary topic at just about every business meeting is how to get more. The tendency how ever to deal with the […]

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“Windows8” What does it mean to your Dealership?

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Windows is by far the dominant Operating System for auto retailers so why is the Windows8 interface, which is more in line with Windows Phone software, important to your dealership?

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Social Media for Dealers – who will embrace it and who will reject it?

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…..this writer’s perspective, Social Media marketing should have a genuine feel to it. I would advise most dealerships to outsource the heavy lifting and assign one or two employees to build relationships on behalf of the dealerships and encourage the sales staff to utilize social media within reason.

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K-Method Group Joins

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Dealer Compass adds The K-Method Group to its consortium of companies. At its core, The K-Method Group ( offers the first selling system and training solution called the Professional Standards for Sales Excellence or PSSE. The program was designed specifically to teach businesses and their selling professionals how to build, maintain and manage a book […]

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Simply Retention Launched

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Simply Retention lands its first client before the ink on the door dry’s. Simply Retention is a All in One Marketing service that provides web base software (SaaS) and service for its customers. They have a very unique product that can reach out to a list of customers first by text, if that is not […]

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Finding the Hidden Value in Repair Orders

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Click here to to read how you can find the hidden value in repair orders….

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Mobile and Online Marketing

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Here at Dealer Scribe the blog for Dealer Compass we are always educating ourselves on the latest laws, regulations and best practices. When it comes to SMS marketing. Does doing business with someone give you the shopkeeper the permission to send you a thank-you for you business here is a coupon for 25% on your […]

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