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05.07.10 | 17 Comments

Two companies have released inventory control devices using mobile phones as a platform, Skywerks and BDC Software. Each has its strengths, between the two vendors they have about 85% of the market covered with their applications. In today’s news Nokia has filed suit on Apple http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/05/07/AR2010050702676.html interesting enough these two companies have chosen the forerunners in mobile devices.

Skywerks works on the iPhone or iPad or Mac, is extremely fast and has NADA and Kelly Blue Book value integration, in fact you can perform side by side comparisons while you book in a vehicle. This is strength over similar products in this space. Having a comparison is very import to most buyers. Skywerks is a DMS (Dealer Management System) provider which gains additional value by providing seamless integration. Fluid transfer of information coupled with the uploading of pictures to various web sites is a breeze. Skywerks developed the software to be non-browser based so performance is very smooth and fast, you can even take calls while your booking in a deal, the application will hold its place while you take the call, return you back to where you left off when your conversation is complete. While it can run on the camera less iPad, I found a great article on how to add a camera to your iPad which would add additional value to this solution. I can visualize a very slick solution, if fact, it would be my solution if I was given a choice. Http://www.beatweek.com/iphone/ipodiphoneitunes/5568-how-to-add-a-camera-to-your-ipad/ my short affair with the iPad left me wanting more as it’s a great presentation tool and slick piece of hardware. Back to the booking in a vehicle, Skywerks app is a great choice for those that book in vehicles, purchase vehicle at actions or from wholesalers. Having a complete book-in – post – purchase solution will save a dealer countless hours over a year’s time. They are open to work with other DMS vendors and inventory companies. Definitely worth some investigation to see if they can support your current back end solution.

BDC Software has release a very powerful application on the Nokia platform. With VIN decoding and barcode reading capability this is a very slick application. Images are crisp and clear, has Kelly Blue Book and Chrome integration as BDC Software is a CRM company it does not have a DMS behind it but supports Chrome data. BDC Software has plans to expand this product into a robust inventory system to compliment its CRM product. This is a great product that will certainly be picked up by a major vendor as they encourage a white label opportunity.

Both of these products show promise if you are looking for a complete solution with tight integration with your DMS system look at Skywerks, they are releasing a completely revamped windows based DMS system this summer that will be available in the Western United States. Skywerks has quite a cult following using it’s DOS based system in Oregon and Washington with close to a thousand user using the system every day. In an interview with an IT consultant based in Oregon who implemented the system for a Spyker-Panoz dealership spoke very highly of the application for its stability and feature set. We will keep a close eye on the boys at Skywerks and post an evaluation of Deliverance upon its release. If you are a software house looking to add mobile device to your offerings drop BDC Software a note. BDC Software is known for building outstanding custom software solutions for auto retailers.

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