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How to Drive Visitors to Your Dealership with Pokemon Go.

07.14.16 | Comment?


As Pokémon Go continues to grow exponentially with 21 million+ players and growing every second. I marvel at this game and realized it’s a marketers dream once I saw my wife activate a Lure at a park last night. So you’re asking yourself how can you use this geo-location based game to drive visitors to your dealership? Simple make your dealership a PokéStop by activating a Lure.

PokéStops are locations within the game that correspond to real-life landmarks. A player has to actually physically go there, this is how the game is played which the player collecting or capturing Pokémon’s. PokéStops are scattered on streets and avenues throughout major cities and towns. More than likely your auto mall is a landmark.

Players can activate a “Lure” actually you don’t really need to “play” the game to activate a lure you just needs to download the app. A lure will draw more Pokémon pets to appear for players who are standing near that PokéStop. For a player, that means you can make progress while sticking around in one place. Lure players to your dealership, the young one’s will be with their parents and many adults are playing the game also.

If you need assistance on setting up a “Lure” I can provide detailed instruction.

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