Blogger in question has over twenty five years of information technology experience starting with automating his father’s law and tax practice then on to working as a customer support technician for a fortune 500 company. The story should have ended when he moved up through the ranks and now writing in his spare time. But electronic filing rules changed and the software division was shut down. Had they listened to his rants on building tax software for the consumer, Turbo Tax would have a stiff competition.  So the beat went on; moving up the ladder working for various companies leveraging his experience with the ability to build applications in Microsoft Access. While living in Laguna Beach he was one of the founding board members of Laguna Beach Pop Warner Football, yes MTV fans one of the cast members father was also a founding board member and a few of the girls were cheerleaders, but we will not name drop.

In 1999 he was hired by a sales trainer to finish a CRM product and run operations for a company in San Juan Capistrano. This application was written in Microsoft Access with plans to migrate to .net. Plans looked great  and the application had great business rules. While presenting at the NADA conference in 2000 they were approached by a British software house Kalamazoo Motor Trade, with what looked like a huge payday just ahead, they landed projects for Ford Motor, GM, Ford Asia Pacific and prestigious dealer groups on four continents. He witnessed the birth of the text messaging phenomena in the Philippines first hand.

Events of 911 put the breaks on just about everything, his oldest brother a Pentagon executive, became a national hero that day. This is not the correct venue to voice this historical and significant story so we move on.

Principal owner of the sales training company now reinvented the company as a software house and took all of proceeds from the projects. He pocketed what he could and ran off into the sunset leaving the blogger broke but rich in knowledge.

He partnered up with two other gentlemen and just as so many ventures go, it collapsed, without ever gaining flight.

Development of a consulting firm ensued with development of an outstanding CRM/BDC product with fleeting projects both stateside and abroad. Money was in the hosted application, software as a service or cloud computing as it’s so often called. Projects were tabled, the internal knowledge was abundant but not the kernel knowledge.

Crash of 1999, he didn’t see it coming, with everything riding on client server application as dealers closed up their doors and those that didn’t cut costs. Changes needed to be made, software needed to be developed and strategic partners needed to be found.

A new company emerged from the ruins, one which is rich in technology, with a clear path, products and services which are in demand. To cut costs and to increase revenue is the new mantra. Help dealers structure new departments and provide all the software components that a dealer needs to run a successful dealership.

Dealers have come full circle from fearing the internet to embracing the possibilities. Sights are targeted on cloud computing, social networking, text messaging and mobile computing and how to leverage these technologies to reduce costs and increase profits.

Will we see the American buyer embrace the build to order purchasing model will we see  the phase out of the combustible engine?  Will we see 3d technology, virtual demo rides become reality. As the buyer and the seller now merge in the digital age, dealers will embrace systems instead of fighting new technology. Software vendor will have to listen intently to the market and their customers. As software, bandwidth and vehicle technology merge and catch up to the power of the modern CPU the future of automotive technology is very bright.

A fortune cookie paper never leaves the bloggers desk, “you are able to do what others say you can’t do”